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We, at Waterproofing Specialists LLC, provide expert deck waterproofing in Seattle, WA. We have been in the industry for a long time, providing prompt services at very competitive prices.

There are different types of deck waterproofing products that are used to protect wooden decks from outdoor elements and enhance the beauty of the wood. These are known as waterproof deck coatings, deck finishes, or sealers.

Deck waterproofing, as the name implies, protects the wooden deck from water damage. Water seepage can cause the wood to rot, which can be dangerous and cost a lot of money to fix. Waterproofing decks also prevents the formation of molds and other allergens that can cause illness.

The type of sealants that you use depends on the results that you want to achieve, and how heavily you want the wooden deck to be covered. Heavily pigmented sealers provide an opaque stain on the surface. This covers the wood completely, like paint would, and provides the surface with a barrier that protects it from water seepage.

Semi-solid coating or sealants on the other hand, are more transparent. While this type of sealant creates a darker tint on the wooden deck, it is not as effective at keeping out moisture like other types of sealants.

The most popular type of sealant for deck waterproofing is the semi-transparent coating. This penetrates deeper into the wood, protecting it from moisture and UV rays. It is also more natural looking and thicker, which gives a more effective layer of protection.

At Waterproofing Specialists LLC, our skilled and experienced professionals are trained to provide exceptional service quality and work with your budget. Protect your wooden decks from outdoor elements by telling us about your deck waterproofing needs. Drop by our office in Seattle, WA today!

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